What is difference between disguised unemployment and seasonal unemployment?

Difference between disguised unemployment and seasonal unemployment: Disguised unemployment refers to that employment in which number of workers indulged in a job where there is no requirement of those workers, and if some of them are withdrawn from the job then the production won’t be affected. In disguised unemployment people appear to be employed. This happens among family members indulged in agricultural activity. For example, if agricultural activity requires the service of five people, but eight people are engaged then three people are disguisedly unemployed.

Seasonal unemployment refers to the unemployment when people are not able to get the job during some specific months of a year. For example, people who are dependent on agriculture are cultivating the crop which are sown in the month from July to December, so in other six months they will be unemployed, because agriculture is a seasonal activity. Crops are grown according to the season. So this is called seasonal unemployment because during off season, the farmers are sitting idle having no work to do.