Why is educated unemployed a peculiar problem in India?

India faces many problems and one of those problems is the problem of educated unemployment. It has become a very common issue in urban areas, youth with matriculation, graduation and even post-graduation degrees are unable to get a job. This problem has become peculiar in following ways:

1. There has been national investment on training and skill building of the professionals and when they do not get jobs then they can’t contribute to national development. Thus, the investment yields no returns.

2. India is amongst the world leaders when it comes of the numbers of work worthy population. But this advantage transforms into a bane when this population is not able to get employment and becomes a liability on rest of the working population.

3. Surplus of employment is one of the major issues as the number of people who are under disguised unemployment is very high.

4. The increase in the number of educated unemployed population means that the economic activities too are slowed down as these activities would have been providing employment if they were in full pace.