Study the Table above and answer the following questions:

1. Even if poverty ratio declined between 1993-94 and 2004-05, why did the number of poor remain at about 407 million?

2. Are the dynamics of poverty reduction the same in rural and urban India?

1. Even if poverty ratio declined, the number of poor remained at about 407 million because of rapid growth in population. Because of growing population opportunities of employment and supply of food have become a big issue for the government. Besides these two things the fact is that the first and foremost issue for government is to get the basic needs of the individuals fulfilled and till the time every citizen gets the requisite basic amenities, this number is likely to rise.

2. The dynamics of poverty reduction are not the same in rural and urban India because the rural poor and urban poor have to face different issues of poverty. For example landlessness is major issue of poverty in rural areas but in urban areas unemployment is the major issue.