NCERT - Economics

Book: NCERT - Economics

Chapter: 3. Poverty as a Challenge

Subject: Social Science - Class 9th

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Observe some of the poor families around you and try to find the following:

(i) Which social and economic group do they belong to?

(ii) Who are the earning members in the family?

(iii) What is the condition of the old people in the family?

(iv) Are all the children (boys and girls) attending schools?

(i) Some of the poor families around us belong to social groups like scheduled tribes and scheduled castes households and economic group like rural agricultural labour household. Few of them belong to other social groups as well.

(ii) Usually each able member of these families earns through some or other activity. This is because the wages earned by one or two members of the family are usually not enough to help sustain the household.

(iii) The older people in these families have the most dilapidated situation. They suffer from medical conditions but don’t get enough medical attention due to lack of resources. They do not get respect in the family as they are considered burdensome for the family.

(iv) Hardly any of the children are attending school. The parents who even send their children to schools, send the male children, while the female children are left at home to manage household chores.


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