Give an account of inter-state disparities of poverty in India.

In India one of the aspects of poverty is inter-state disparities. Every state has different quantities of poor people. Although state level poverty has started to witness a regular decline from the early seventies, the success rate varies from state to state. Following are few facts related to inter-state disparities of poverty.

1. In Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, have shown a significant decline in poverty.

2. In Orissa and Bihar, poverty is still an earnest issue and these states have the highest poverty ratios in the country.

3. The percentage of urban poverty is also very high in the states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

4. The disparity is due to the variable social and political scenarios of different states.

5. The factors like success in population control, availability of resources and tourist destinations has also led to this disparity as all these factors are variable.