NCERT - Economics

Book: NCERT - Economics

Chapter: 4. Food Security in India

Subject: Social Science - Class 9th

Q. No. 12 of Exercise

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Write a note on the role of cooperatives in providing food and related items.

The cooperatives play a vital role in providing food and other related items, and have proved to be effective especially in the southern and western parts of India.

(i) It has been found that around 94% of the ration shops are run by the cooperatives in Tamilnadu.

(ii) The mother dairy is supplying milk and other milky products like butter, ghee, curd etc. to the people at much subsidized rates in Delhi.

(iii) Amul is doing the same job of supplying milk and milk products to people at much cheaper rates in Gujarat. In a way these dairies have brought White Revolution in country.

(iv) The academy of development science (ADS) has facilitated many NGOs to set their own grain banks in various parts of the state, which have proved a great asset in providing food security to people, especially the poor section in Maharashtra.


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