What were the qualifications necessary to become a member of a committee of the sabha in the Chola empire?

Brahmanas often received land grants or brahmadeya. Each brahmadeya was looked after by an assembly or sabha of prominent Brahmana landholders. The sabha had separate committees to look after irrigation works, gardens, temples, etc. Names of those eligible to be members of these committees were written on small tickets of palm leaf and kept in an earthenware pot, from which a young boy was asked to pick the tickets, one by one for each committee.

To become a member of a committee of the sabha in the Chola Empire the following qualifications were necessary –

1. The member had to be a owner of land from which land revenue is collected.

2. He had to possess his own home.

3. He had to be between the age of 30 - 70 years.

4. He had to have knowledge of the Vedas.

5. He should have been honest and well versed in administrative matters.

6. He should not have been a member of any committee in the last three years.

7. He should submit his accounts as well as of relatives to contest election.