Answer the following questions briefly.

How are maps more helpful than a globe?

1) Maps can be rolled, tri-fold, four-fold, etc. so they can be easily carried or transferred whereas a globe cannot be folded and it takes more space. A globe is delicate so it can break so it is difficult to transfer or carry.

2) Maps are straight and can be spread on a flat surface so you can get a complete view of the earth at once. On the other hand, in a globe you get only half or lesser view of the earth, so to get an informative view you have to rotate the globe a number of times.

3) Due to the flat surface of a map, it is easier to calculate the scale but it is difficult to calculate the scale on a curved surface i.e. a globe.

4) Because of the flat view of a map, it is easier to understand where each country, continent or ocean lies in relation to each other, this is not possible in a globe due to its shape.

5) A globe is more helpful in understanding the movement of the earth i.e. rotation and revolution and the reason for the occurrence of day and night. This cannot be explained in a map.