NCERT - Beehive

Book: NCERT - Beehive

Chapter: 6. My Childhood

Subject: English - Class 9th

Q. No. 1 of Thinking about the Text

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How does the author describe:

(i) his father

(ii) his mother

(iii) himself

(i) His father: Abdul Kalam's father, Jainulabdeen, was not a wealthy or educated person. However, he was an honest and generous man with strong innate wisdom. He was self-disciplined and used to avoid all inessential luxuries but provided all the necessities needed for living.

(ii) His mother: Abdul Kalam’s mother, Ashiamma, was an embodiment of goodness and kindness who was an ideal helpmate to her husband. She also possessed immense hospitality skills and fed many people every day.

(iii) Himself: The author describes himself as a short boy with undistinguished looks, who had a secure childhood. He is a self-disciplined and honest person with a considerate attitude.

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