Discuss these questions in class with your teacher and then write down your answer in two or three paragraphs each.

(i) Why did Abdul Kalam want to leave Rameswaram ?

(ii) What did his father say to this?

(iii) What do you think his words mean? Why do you think he spoke those words?

(i) Abdul Kalam was very much interested in pursuing higher studies. Therefore, he requested his father and asked for his permission to leave Rameswaram and study at the district headquarters in Ramanathapuram.

(ii) Kalam’s father said that he knew that one day Kalam had to go away to grow. He gave him the analogy of a seagull that flies across the sun alone and without a nest. He further quoted Khalil Gibran to his mother saying that their children were not their own children. They were the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through their parents, but not from them. They may give them their love, but not their thoughts as the children have their own thoughts.

(iii) Abdul Kalam’s father’s words bear a deep significance. He inspired his son to go ahead and pursue his higher education independently. Further, he explained Kalam’s mother to give his son the space to utilize his opportunities and move forward progressively.

He spoke those words to encourage his son to achieve his goals as well as to control the emotional attachment of his wife for her son.