Imagine that you are Santosh Yadav, or Maria Sharapova. You have been invited to speak at an All India Girls’ Athletic Meet, as Chief Guest. Prepare a short speech to motivate the girls to think and dream big and make an effort to fulfill their dreams, not allowing difficulties or defeat to discourage them. The following words and phrases may help you:

● self confident / confidence/ sure of yourself

● self assured / assurance / belief in yourself

● moral / boost morale / raise morale

● giving somebody a boost / fillip / lift

● demoralizing / unsure of yourself / insecure / lack confidence

Respected Academicians and my dearest girls. You all know that the All India Girl's Athletic Meet is winding up today with great enthusiasm. All the participants have performed to show their capabilities in different games. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both the participants as well as the spectators who have encouraged their morale. We all know sports are an indispensable part for our lives. They help us in keeping our mind and body healthy and at the same time inculcating the fellow feeling of teamwork and cooperation and most of all, the zeal to succeed.

My journey as a mountaineer has been a quite struggle. Right from facing the challenging norms of the society and receiving education in Delhi to the beginning of my life of expeditions, it has been a very meaningful and memorable journey. All these have inculcated a sense of confidence within me and played the most crucial role in making me what I am today.

So dear students never allow obstacles in your way to let you down but rather encounter them with full confidence. I hope all of you will try your best and show your capability and reach your destinations. Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavors.

Thank you!

*NOTE- Students can add more to this speech using phrases and words apart from those suggested in the question above.