Our Environment

Book: Our Environment

Chapter: 3. Our Changing Earth

Subject: Social Science - Class 7th

Q. No. 5 of Exercise

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Observe the photographs given below. These are various features made by a river. Identify them and also tell whether they are erosional or depositional or landforms formed by both.

1. Name of the feature: Waterfall

It is both erosional and depositional activity of the rivers. When the river tumbles at steep angle over very hard rocks or down a steep valley side it forms a waterfall.

2. Name of the feature: Meander

It is an erosional activity of the rivers. As a river enters and flows through the plains, it bens along its way and forms meanders.

3. Name of the feature: Flood plain

It is both erosional and depositional activity of a river. As it floods, the river water deposits layers of fine soil and other material called sediments along its banks. This leads to the formation of a flat fertile floodplain.


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