For fun.

Solve the crossword puzzle with the help of given clues.


2. Loop like bend of river

4. Solid form of water

7. Moving mass of ice

9. Sudden descent of water in bed of river

11. Natural cavity on weak rocks formed by action of waves

12. Embankment on river that keeps river in its channel

13. Large body of sea water

14. Dry area where sand dunes are found

15. Small hill of sand piled by action of wind

16. Flat plain formed by river deposits during time of flood


1. Rise and fall of water caused by friction of wind on water surface

3. Flow of water in channel

5. Steep perpendicular face of rock along sea coast

6. Debris of boulder and coarse material carried by glacier

8. Crescent shaped lake formed by river meander

10. Fine sand deposited by action of wind

13. Isolated mass of rising steep rock near coastline

14. Alluvial tracts of land at mouth of river formed by river deposits