Collect under mentioned material and observe how destruction of trees effect the soil cover.


(i) Three small flowerpots or food cans (e.g., cold drinks tin cans),

(ii) one big can with holes punched in the bottom (this will act as sprinkling can),

(iii) twelve coins or bottle caps

(iv) soil.


1. Take three small cans or pots. Fill them with soil till the top. Press the soil to make it level with the top of the can.

2. Now put four coins or bottle caps on the soil of each can. Take the big can that has been punched with holes and fill it with water. You can also take the sprinkling can from your garden.

3. Now, sprinkle water on the three cans. On the first can sprinkle water very slowly so that no soil splashes out. Let moderate amount of water be sprinkled on the second can.

4. On the third can, sprinkle the water heavily. You will observe that unprotected soil splashes out. Where the ‘rain’ is heavy the amount of soil that splashes out is the maximum and least in case of the first can.

5. The coins or caps represent the tree covers. It is clear that if the land is cleared completely of the vegetation, the soil cover will quickly disappear.