A Pact with the Sun

Book: A Pact with the Sun

Chapter: 7. The Wonder Called Sleep

Subject: English - Class 6th

Q. No. 6 of Questions

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Describe briefly to the class an improbable dream you have had.

One night I had an improbable dream. I was sleeping on a cosy bed. All of our watchmen had fallen asleep. Some thieves got into our house. They searched all the safes and cash boxes and filled their bags with cash and jewellery. They got out of our house and their Maruti car was standing at a small distance. Some policemen on patrol duty grew suspicious. They overpowered the thieves and took hold of the entire cash and jewellery. They came to our house and handed them to my mother. It was early morning. I woke up and found everything in my house at its place.


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