Imagine you are the hermit. Write briefly the incident of your meeting the king. Begin like this :

One day I was digging in my garden. A man in ordinary clothes came to see me. I knew he was the king. I greeted him and went about my work. He had three questions to which he was anxious to know the answers. Watching me grow tired of work, he took the spade from me and started digging himself. He repeated his question after an hour or so. Growing tired and disappointed with my silence he was about to leave when a bearded man came running towards us, He was wounded and bleeding profusely. The king dressed his wounds, gave him water and carried him inside to rest .Since it was quite late, the tired king also went to sleep on the floor. Next day, the wounded man begged the king to forgive him as he disclosed himself as the king’s sworn enemy. The man had planned to kill the king but was discovered and wounded by the king’s bodyguard. The king was glad to have made peace with his enemy and forgave him. The king before taking leave repeated his questions and at last I told him he that he knew the answers already. Reflecting upon the events of the day, his conduct and my answer, the king was satisfied and went back to his kingdom.