Write whether true or false:

(a) The Buddha encouraged animal sacrifices.

(b) Sarnath is important because it was the place where the Buddha taught for the first time.

(c) The Buddha taught that karma has no effect on our lives.

(d) The Buddha attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya.

(e) Upanishadic thinkers believed that the atman and Brahman were ultimately one.

(a) False

Buddha taught people to be kind to animals. He was against the practice of sacrificing animals.

(b) True

Sarnath is a place in varansi where Buddha taught for the first time after enlightenment. He attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya.

(c) False

Karma means action or the work we do. Buddha believed that Karma effect our current and next lives.

(d) True

Buddha did meditation for several days under a Peepal (Banyan) tree in Bodh Gaya, where he attained enlightenment.

(e) True

Atman means individual soul whereas Brahman means universal soul. Upnishadic people believed that Atman and Brahman were the same.