Book: Honeydew

Chapter: 4. Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Subject: English - Class 8th

Q. No. 3 of Comprehension check Pg-65

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Why did Bepin Babu hesitate to visit Mr. Mukerji? Why did he finally decide to phone him?

Mr. Mukerji was a very sarcastic person. If he smelled a whiff of what was going on in Bepin Babu’s life, he would make jokes about and make Bepin Babu’s life even more miserable than it already is. This is why Bepin Babu hesitates to visit Mr. Mukerji.

Over the phone it was not possible for Mr. Mukerji to understand what was going on and Bepin Babu could cut the line whenever he wanted. This would stop Mr. Mukerji from knowing the uncomfortable truth. This is why he finally decide to phone him.

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