RS Aggarwal - Mathematics

Book: RS Aggarwal - Mathematics

Chapter: 12. Circles

Subject: Maths - Class 10th

Q. No. 16 of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

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If PA and PB are two tangents to a circle with center O such that AOB = 110° then APB is equal to

As AP and BP are tangents to given circle,

We have,


[Tangents drawn at a point on circle is perpendicular to the radius through point of contact]

So, OAP = OBP = 90°

In quadrilateral AOBP,

By angle sum property of quadrilateral, we have

OAP + OBP + AOB + APB = 360°

90° + 90° + 110° + APB = 360°

APB = 70°

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