Take a current political map of India (showing outlines of states) and mark the location of the following Princely States.

(a) Junagadh (b) Manipur (c) Mysore (d) Gwalior


(a) Junagadh- A princely state in un-partitioned India, presently in the state of Gujarat was acceded into Indian territory after a plebiscite confirmed people’s desire to join India.

(b) Manipur- It was a princely state and was acceded into India after a lot of chaos held between the parties in the legislative assembly on Manipur.

(c) Mysore- This was in Hyderabad a princely state too, which was acceded into the Indian territory after a fight between Nizams of Hyderbad and Indian Military forces.

(d) Gwalior-This was also a princely state during British Raj and after Independence became the part of Indian territory.