Here are two opinions –

Bismay: “The merger with the Indian State was an extension of democracy to the people of the Princely States.”

Inderpreet: “I am not so sure, there was force being used. Democracy comes by creating consensus.”

What is your own opinion in the light of accession of Princely States and the responses of the people in these parts?

British India was divided into what were called the British Indian Provinces and the Princely States. The British Indian Provinces were directly under the control of the British government. On the other hand, several large and small states ruled by princes, called the Princely States, enjoyed some form of control over their internal affairs as long as they accepted British supremacy.

1. The princely States earlier wanted to be independent, but after further persuasion by Sardar Patel it was decided by most of the princely states whose borders were contiguous with new Indian territory to be part of Independent India.

2. Though this move was a forced one but it was the need of that hour as without accession to these states it would have formed a nation within nation and would have paved way for further confliction.

3. Most of the princely rulers signed the accession except in states like Hyderabad and Manipur where people agitated.