Politics In India Since Indepen

Book: Politics In India Since Indepen

Chapter: 2. Era of One-party Dominance

Subject: Social Science - Class 12th

Q. No. 1 of Exercises

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Choose the correct option to fill in the blanks.

(a) The First General Elections in 1952 involved simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and …………………. (The President of India/ State Assemblies/ Rajya Sabha/ the Prime Minister)

(b) The party that won the second largest number of Lok Sabha seats in the first elections was the…………………. (Praja Socialist Party/Bharatiya Jana Sangh/ Communist Party of India/Bharatiya Janata Party)

(c) One of the guiding principles of the ideology of the Swatantra Party was…………………. (Working class interests/ protection ofPrincely States / economy free from State control / Autonomy of States within the Union)

(a) State Assemblies

Explanation- Simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies helped cubing the expenditure for both the government and the political parties. It also made parties come out with national and local issue and it made easier for the voters to choose the suitable candidate.

(b) Communist Party of India

Explanation- Congress won 364 of the 489 seats rising as the largest party in the first elections. Communist Party of India emerged as the second largest party that won 16 seats in the Lok Sabha.

(c) Economy free from state control

Explanation- the Swatantra Party wanted less control of the government and less involvement of them in controlling the economy. They longed for freedom from government in economy and in state control.


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