Politics In India Since Indepen

Book: Politics In India Since Indepen

Chapter: 2. Era of One-party Dominance

Subject: Social Science - Class 12th

Q. No. 3 of Exercises

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Four statements regarding one- party dominance are given below. Mark each of them as true or false.

(a) One-party dominance is rooted in the absence of strong alternative political parties.

(b) One-party dominance occurs because of weak public opinion.

(c) One-party dominance is linked to the nation’s colonial past.

(d) One-party dominance reflects the absence of democratic ideals in a country.

(a) True

Explanation- There were many well organized other parties, but Congress got the ‘first off the blocks’ advantage. It had an organizational network from top to local, from left to right. It had an inclusive nature, all these factors contribute for its domination.

(b) False

Explanation- One party dominance has many reasons to occur expect the weal public opinion because, a party can only be dominating when it incorporates the plight, opinion and needs of the people. People choose the party as their representatives which later establish its dominance.

(c) True

Explanation- The colonial past is important to remind the dominance of the party that played an important role in revolt and liberations for the nation. For example: Indian congress was seen as inheritor of the national movement in India.

(d) False

Explanation- Prevalence of one Party dominance does not reflect the ideals in a country as in the case of Indian congress democratic ideals remained intact and it evolved. Here many parties contested elections yet the congress managed to win the elections.

Here many parties’ contested elections yet the congress managed to win the election


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