If Bharatiya Jana Sangh or the Communist Party of India had formed the government after the first election, in which respects would the policies of the government have been different? Specify three differences each for both the parties.

Bharatiya Jana Sangh and the communist party were the two strong and competitive parties, and if either of them would have formed the government after the first elections, the government policies would have been entirely different.

Bharatiya Jana Sangh:

The policies of Bharatiya Jana Sangh were based on the principles as follows:

a. It replaced secular concept by the ideology of one country, one culture and one nation.

b. No cultural and educational rights as this party opposed the granting of concessions to religious and cultural minorities.

c. It focused on the reunifying of India and Pakistan under the concept of Akhand Bharat.

Communist Party of India:

Communist Party of India would have been different on the principles as follows:

a. It worked for proportional representation in the government.

b. This party followed communist ideology in various policies.

c. It emphasised on a control over electronic mass media by an autonomous body or corporation.