Did the prevalence of a ‘one party dominant system’ affect adversely the democratic nature of Indian politics?

No, the prevalence of one, party dominance system did not affect adversely the democratic nature of Indian politics because:

a. The key role of congress in the freedom struggle gave it a head start over others. The congress was already a very well organized party and by the time other parties could think of a strategy the congress had already begun with its campaign.

b. The congress accommodated diversified interest, religion, belief and aspirations to strengthen democracy. It developed itself into a ‘rainbow’ and an ‘umbrella’ organization.

c. Despite being taken place of free and fair elections, congress won elections in the same manner again and again due to several factors.

d. Congress party consisted of various factions inside itself, based on ideological consideration that never taught together or went out of congress. It had tolerance and management within the party.

e. Hence, on the basis of above mentioned criterion, it t can be concluded that congress strengthened its ideals of democracy and held the unity and integrity of the country.