What would you consider as the main differences between Mexico and India under one party domination?

India is not the only country who has experienced the one party dominance system. One such county is Mexico. In Mexico Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) exercised its power for almost 6 decades. Over a period of time the party was able to capture the organization and thereby the government.

There was a difference between one party domination in India and Mexico. In Mexico, this was a one party system only not dominance because:-

a. In India, the congress party dominated on behalf of popular consensus but Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) ruled on behalf of the people.

b. In India, free and fair elections took place, where the losing the elections was also fair but in Mexico, elections were based on Malpractices and were rigid, dominated by PRI.

c. in India, the opposition contested elections to win and form a government. But in Mexico other parties existed only to give ruling party greater legitimacy.

d. The one party dominance in India was a phase but in Mexico it took a different turn and changed into ‘the perfect dictatorship ‘but later the party lost in Presidential elections held in 2000.

In our opinion one party dominance like India is better because this sort of dominance:

a. Accommodates social diversities

b. Encourage large number of participations.

c. Ensure democratic spirit as well maintains the same.

d. Tolerate respect even for the opposition.

e. Ongoing development process and constant change.