The idea of planning in India was drawn from

(a) the Bombay plan

(b) experiences of the Soviet

(c) Gandhian vision of society

(d) Demand by peasant bloc countries organisations

i. b and d only

ii. d and c only

iii. a and b only

iv. all the above

The correct answer is (iv). All the above


The idea of planning was the outcome of several factors:

1. The experience of the great depression in Europe where the economic crisis troubled many nations along with Europe proved to be a lesson for the world.

2. The Bombay Plan where many big industrialists of India decided setting up a planned Economy.

3. Gandhi was critical of industrial civilization in west, where weaker section was exploited. Gandhian principles to economic policies were also applied in Planning of Economy.

4. After independence there was conflict in ideas between industrialists and peasants, where former wanted to set up industries in resourceful regions and later thought that these industries would exploit the region, resources and their employment.