“Indian policy makers made a mistake by emphasising the role of state in the economy. India could have developed much better in private sector was allowed a free play right from the beginning”. Give arguments for or against this proposition

No, the above state is not perfectly true because state intervention was mandatory to regulate country’s economy. India neither followed capitalist model nor socialist model. Instead India adopted Mixed economy where both private and public sector played key role in economy.

1. If the private sector were given free play in the economy then it would have led to monopoly in the market.

2. As the private focused primarily on industries, free play of private sector in the market would have kept agriculture and the farmers at bay.

3. With free play of private only the urban regions would have developed while the rural regions would have been struggling for basic ameneties.

4. The mixed economy model is the right intervention as it helps in keeping check to both public and private sectors.