Write ‘true’ or ‘false’ against each of these statements.

(a) Non-alignment allowed India to gain assistance both from USA and USSR.

(b) India’s relationship with her neighbours has been strained from the beginning.

(c) The cold war has affected the relationship between India and Pakistan.

(d) The Treaty of Peace and Friendship in 1971 was the result of India’s closeness to the USA.

(a) True.

Explanation- India’s nonalignment policy allowed it to remain neutral and not incline to any one of the superpowers. Thereby, India could remain unbiased and could ask for assistance from both US and USSR.

(b) False.

Explanation- India did not have strained relations with its neighbours ever since its inception. Yes, its relations with Pakistan were not harmonious since the beginning but India shared friendly relations with the rest of her neighbours. It was only a few years after independence that the otherwise friendly relationship of India with China was scarred by a conflict.

(c) true.

Explanation- after gaining independence, India remained nonaligned but Pakistan showed its inclination towards the US. Also, India had rather friendly relations with USSR. Therefore, both India and Pakistan had conflicting friendships which can be said to have had an effect on their relationship with each other.

(d) false.

Explanation- The treaty of Peace and Friendship was a treaty signed between India and USSR in 1971 with regard to mutual strategic cooperation. It was not a result of India's closeness with USSR.