Identify any two aspects of India’s foreign policy that you would like to retain and two that you would like to change if you were to become a decision maker. Give reasons to support your position.

Aspects of India's Foreign policy to be retained-

• India’s image of a peaceful and non-violent country is definitely an attribute ought to be retained. India by nature is a country that believes in non-violence as means to achieve its ends. India’s support for Indonesia's independence and also in the independence of various other African countries shows its character of peace, non-violence and sovereignty.

• India’s initiative of non-alignment is also a feature to be retained. The non-aligned initiative showed India's respect for sovereignty and independence.

Aspects to be changed-

• The three wars that India fought blurred its image of being a peaceful nation. Also, its image of being non-violent played a very little role.

• The wars faded in India's image among the newly independent African and South Asian countries that were now dubious about India. Also, conflicts between countries affected the functioning of the organisations like SAARC.