How does political leadership of a nation affect its foreign policy?

Explain this with the help of examples from India’s foreign policy.

Foreign policy of a nation reflects the political leadership of the nation.

• During the prime ministership of Nehru, nonalignment was the major policy of foreign affairs that was religiously followed. But slowly and gradually India started gaining a soviet inclination. When the Janata party was elected in 1977, they decided to follow nonalignment properly and this shift towards the soviet was to be corrected.

• Later in time, during the 1990s, after India opened its economy to foreign trade, it bettered its relations with the US. Slowly it became tilted towards the US. Russia had stopped being a global power and had lost its supremacy.

• Gradually, as the economy of India expanded, the rulers realized that to have a healthy and fulfilling empire it was necessary to have a healthy economy. Reforms were introduced and the economy was revived. Today, international situation is more influenced by economic interests than military interests.