Politics In India Since Indepen

Book: Politics In India Since Indepen

Chapter: 5. Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System

Subject: Social Science - Class 12th

Q. No. 1 of Exercises

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Which of these statements about the 1967 elections is/are correct?

(a) Congress won the Lok Sabha elections but lost the Assembly elections in many states.

(b) Congress lost both Lok Sabha and Assembly elections.

(c) Congress lost majority in the Lok Sabha but formed a coalition government with the support of some other parties.

(d) Congress retained power at the Centre with an increased majority.

Statement (a) is Correct: The Congress did manage to get a majority in the Lok Sabha, but with its lowest tally of seats and share of votes since 1952.

Statement (b) is wrong: Congress Won Lok Sabha but lost Assembly election.

Statement (c) is Correct: The elections of 1967 brought into picture the phenomenon of coalitions. Since no single party had got majority, various non- Congress parties came together to form joint legislative parties that supported non-Congress governments.

Statement (d) is wrong: after the 1967 elections, the Congress retained power at the Centre but with a reduced majority and lost power in many States.


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