State which of these were reasons for the defeat of the Congress in 1967. Give reasons for your answer.

(a) The absence of a charismatic leader in the Congress party

(b) Split within the Congress party

(c) Increased mobilisation of regional, ethnic and communal groups

(d) Increasing unity among non-Congress parties

(e) Internal differences within the Congress party

The main reason for the defeat was split in the congress.

a) This is not the reason because there were many charismatic leader in the party including Indira Gandhi.

b) This is the main reason cited for the failure of the defeat. There arose Syndicate Vs Indira situation and these syndicate named group were but from within Congress, who wanted Indira to follow their advice.

c) This could be a reason but not the foremost. There were many regional parties which divided the vote bank.

d) No, there was no such unity among the non congress parties.

e) Internal differences in congress itself gave rise to split.