Politics In India Since Indepen

Book: Politics In India Since Indepen

Chapter: 5. Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System

Subject: Social Science - Class 12th

Q. No. 8 of Exercises

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What does the term ‘syndicate’ mean in the context of the Congress party of the sixties? What role did the Syndicate play in the Congress party?

1. Syndicate was the informal name given to a group of Congress leaders who were in control of the party’s organisation.

2. It was led by K. Kamraj, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and then the president of the Congress party.

3. These leaders expected Indira Gandhi to follow their advise.

Role of Syndicate:

1. The Syndicate had played a role in the installation of Indira Gandhi as the Prime Minister by ensuring her election as the leader of the parliamentary party.

2. After Split there was one congress led by syndicate and other by Indira.


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