The Shah Commission was appointed in 1977 by the Janata Party Government. Why was it appointed and what were its findings?

In March 1977, Janata Party government was formed at the centre. In may 1977 the Janata Party government appointed a commission of inquiry headed by the justice J.C Shah, retired chief justice of the supreme court of India, to inquire, “into several aspects of allegation of abuse authority, excess malpractices committed and action taken in the wake of emergency proclaimed on the 25june, 1975”.

The commission performed to examine various evidence to give testimony, even including Indira Gandhi to appear before the commission, but she refused to respond to any questions.

Finding of the Shah Commission:-

a. Found Many ‘excesses’ committed during emergency

b. Under preventive detention laws nearly one lakh people were arrested.

c. The press censorship took place without any prior legal sanctions.

d. The general manager of Delhi Power Supply cooperation received verbal orders from the office of the LT. Governor of the Delhi to cut the electricity of all the newspaper, press at 2 am, on 26 June 1975.