Identify the reasons which led to the Chipko Movement in U.P in early 1970s. what was the impact of this movement?

Chipko movement (1947-77) began in two or three villages of Uttrakhand when the forest department refused permission to the villages to fall ash tress for agriculture products and tools. The forest department allotted the same piece of land to some sports contractor for commercial use. Thus, the villagers protested against this decision of the government. This movement ignited by hugging the tress to prevent them from being cut down and linked the issue of environmental degradation. Sunderlal Bahuguna.

This movement showed that tribal are mostly dependent upon forest products for their survival.

Impact of Chipko Movement:

1. This movement to ‘hug tress’ was one of the first grass root environment movements, which attracted national as well as the international attention.

2. This was not only a movement to save environment but also seen as a ‘feminist movement’ not only because of their active participation but also because deforestation was seen affecting women’s life in the hills in their search fuel and fodder.

3. Chipko Movement was not only a movement to save environment but it had a larger social base.

4. The government issued a ban on falling of tress in the Himalayan region for fifteen years.

5. Chipko Movement created awareness among the women of hilly regions as they became aware about their legal rights.