Would you consider the anti-arrack movement as a women’s movement? Why?

Anti-arrack movement in Andhra Pradesh was certainly a moment of women. In Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh women came together in a spontaneous local initiative to protest against arrack (local alcohol) and forced the closure of the wine shops. The news got spread very fast and the women of about five thousand villages got inspired and met together in meetings and passed resolution for complete prohibition of these alcohols and sent these resolutions to high district collectors and higher authorities. Due to women protest, arrack auctions in Nellore district were postponed 17 times. 1992 women took out a big procession in Hyderabad to protest against the sale of “arrack”. Women also raised the issue of domestic violence within family or outside. These campaigns contributed in the increase in social awareness and as well as shifted from legal reforms to open social confrontations. Consequently the women demanded equal representation to women in politics during the 90s, 73rd and 74th amendments granted reservations to women in local level and political offices. Hence, Anti- arrack movement became a huge part of the women’s movement.