Regional aspirations of the people of north-east get expressed in different ways. These include movements against outsiders, movement for greater autonomy and movement for separate national existence. On the map of the north-east, using different shades for these three, show the States where these expressions are prominently found.

Three issues dominate the politics of North-East: demands for autonomy, movements for secession, and opposition to ‘outsiders’. Major initiatives on the first issue in the 1970s set the stage for some dramatic

developments on the second and the third in the 1980s.

1. Demands for autonomy: This demand arose in Tripura and Manipur which compromised the state of Assam. This majorly arose when the non assamese political leaders felt that the assamese was forcibly imposed upon them.

2. Secessionist Movement: The mizo hills area in Mizoram never felt that they were under British therefore after independence they did not considered themselves as the part of India. Several campaigns started to be an independent state.

3. Movements against outsiders: This issue has taken place in several states of North east. The Assam movement was such movement against outsiders because they suspected that there were huge numbers of illegal migrants from Bangladesh.