Politics In India Since Indepen

Book: Politics In India Since Indepen

Chapter: 8. Regional Aspirations

Subject: Social Science - Class 12th

Q. No. 10 of Exercises

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Read the passage and answer the questions below:

One of Hazarika’s songs.. … dwells on the unity theme; the seven states of north-eastern India become seven sisters born of the same mother. …. ‘Meghalaya went own way…., Arunachal too separated and Mizoram appeared in Assam’s gateway as a groom to marry another daughter.’ ….. …. .. The song ends with a determination to keep the unity of the Assamese with other smaller nationalities that are left in the present-day Assam – ‘the Karbis and the Mising brothers and sisters are our dear ones.’ — Sanjib Baruah

(a) Which unity is the poet talking about?

(b) Why were some States of north-east created separately out of the erstwhile State of Assam?

(c) Do you think that the same theme of unity could apply to all the regions of India? Why?

(a) The poet is talking about unity of Assamese.

(b) The regional parties felt that the government was imposing Assamese language upon them, so the demands for separate states were raised.

(c) Yes, same theme could be applied to all the regions of India because Indian government deals with all these regional aspirations frequently.


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