In spite of the decline of Congress dominance the Congress party continues to influence politics in the country. Do you agree? Give reasons.

Indian National Congress is the oldest, well organized and very important political party of India. After independence, congress party dominated from 1947-1967 and from 1971-1977, as well as from 1980-1989. No doubt there is a decline of congress dominance but still congress has great influence in Indian politics. Congress is the still most important national party of India.

In the 10th Lok Sabha elections in may-June in 1991, congress secured 225 seats. In april-may1996, 11th Lok Sabha was held and the party only secured 141 seats. In February-march, 1998 congress secured 142 seats in the 12th Lok Sabha elections. In the 13th Lok Sabha elections held in September-october1991, congress party secured 114 seats. It was their worst performance in this history of Indian elections. In the 14th Lok Sabha elections held in April-may 2004, party won 145 seats and formed the seats with alliance under Dr. Manmohan Singh. The continuity of UPA till now proved the success of congress party. In the 15th Lok Sabha held in April-may 2009, the congress party won 206 seats and again formed the government.

Not only at the centre but in many states also congress party is in power, for example Maharashtra, Haryana, Assam, etc. In those states where congress party is not in power, it is playing an effective and constructive role of opposition. In fact, congress party has a great influence on the politics of the country because it has influenced almost all the states of India, moreover social base of congress is broader than the other parties of India.