Many people think that a two-party system is required for successful democracy. Drawing from India’s experience of last twenty years, write an essay on what advantages the present party system in India has.

Party system is essential for democratic system of government. Many people think that two-party system is required for successful democracy. For example in England and the U.S.A, democracy is successful due to the two-party system. In this system, government is stable and responsible.

In India multi-party system exists. Up to 1967, Indian politics was dominated by congress party. But after 1967 gradually collision politics developed. After 1989, collision government is the Main feature of Indian party system. In 2014, the election commission recognised 6 national parties and 54 states or regional parties. Present party system is working very successfully in India. It has following advantages:

1. Representation to all shades of opinion – An important advantage of present party system is that in the legislature, all the shades of opinion gets representation. In India there exist various political parties which represent different section of people or different shades of opinion.

2. More choice to voters – In India due to multiple party system voters enjoys a greater degree of independence and choice because so many political parties contest the elections.

3. Cultural Pluralism – Present party system is the best, because in India there are several distinct cultural and ethnic religious and linguistic caste groups. Two party systems cannot satisfy the different cultural groups.

4. Satisfying regional feelings and aspirations – present party system satisfies regional feelings and aspirations of the people in fact, regional parties contribute in the strength to the federalism while underscoring the need of fulfilling the regional aspirations.