Compare and contrast the list of things given to the Pandyan chief (Source 3) with those produced in the village of Danguna (Source 8). Do you notice any similarities or differences?

We look at the things that are given to the Pandyan Chief and those that are produced in the village of Danguna. We discover that these are two different groups that are settled in different places. By looking at the both the sources we can make out that people offering gift to Pandyan chief is in close connection and proximity with the forest whereas people settled in the Danguna settlement mode of living is different from the people offering gifts to the Pandyan chief. The gift given to Pandya chief included things like ivory, fragrant woods, honey, sandal-wood, peppers, flowers, etc. In addition to many birds and animals were also presented to him as gifts.

We could spot few similarities and difference between the two that are,

Products from plants and animals were similar like flowers, fruits and ivory, etc. There is a huge difference in the product of two communities, as the people who offered gift to Pandyan chief lives in forest and obtain pure forest products whereas those of Danguna are settled in a settlements. Hence Danguna people products are mostly cultivated or produced by using other raw materials.