What were the elements of the practice of sati that drew the attention of Bernier?

Bernier in his book Travels in Mughal Empire mentioned the prevalent practice of sati

The practice of Sati according to Bernier showed the difference in the treatment of women in the western and the eastern society. He notices that how a child widow is forcefully burned screaming on the funeral pyre while many of the older women were reconciled with their fate.

Bernier noted that some women seemed to embrace death happily while others were forced to die in the name of love and honour. He witnessed one such Sati at Lahore which drew his attention to this whole ritual. That fearful event shook him and he decided to pen it down.

The following elements drew his attention about the horrifying ritual Sati:-

1. Under this cruel practices and Alive widow was forcibly made to sit on the Pyre of her husband.

2. People had no Sympathy towards them and everyone supported the practice even when the widow was against it.

3. Widow was made the victim of Sati and made her practice against her will; she was forced to be a Sati. Even the child widows were not stopped from this and forcefully sent to the burning pyre.