What have been the methods used to study the ruins of Hampi over the last two centuries? In what way do you think they would have complemented the information provided by the priests of the Virupaksha temple?

An engineer and antiquarian Colonel Colin Mackenzie brought the ruins of Hampi to radiance in 1800 C.E. He was an employee in the East India Company. He prepared the first survey map of this site. His initial information were based on the memories of priest of the Virupaksha temple and shrine of Pampadevi. From 1856 C.E. onwards photographers started to record the pictures of monuments of this site which helped the scholars to study them. Dozens of inscriptions were collected from here and other temples of Hampi. Historians collected information from these sources, accounts of foreign travellers and other literature written in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and Sanskrit language so that history of the city could be reconstructed.