What does the architecture of buildings like the Lotus Mahal and elephant stables tell us about the rulers who commissioned them?

Lotus Mahal was one of the most beautiful buildings in royal centre. It was given this name by British travellers in the 19 century. Historians are not quite sure that for which function this building was build. But the map drawn by Mackenzie suggests that it may have been a council chamber where the king used to meet her advisers.

There was an elephant stable near the lotus Mahal in which a numbers of elephants over here suggesting that the rulers had adopted Indian traditional symbols, signs and totems.

Architecture style of lotus Mahal and nearby stable reminds us about indo-Islamic style. The pillars and arch were built in Muslim style while the wall and roof constructed in Indian style wood and stone figures were engraved on the walls and roof to give them a decorative appearance. With the passage of time the most important elements were destroyed. Hence it became difficult to analyse its beautiful grandeur. .Ruler of Vijayanagara kingdom used to built such elaborate buildings and spend a lot of money on them. They were of the view that beauty of these palaces will increase their prestige among masses.

Elephants tables – The rulers of the Vijayanagara organized and maintained a very large army and troops. There were large number of elephants in the army to keep these elephants, elephants stable was constructed near the Lotus Mahal.