To what extent do you think the visual material presented in this chapter corresponds with Abu’lFazl’s description of the taswir (Source 1)?

Drawing the likeness of anything is called taswir, visual material presented in this chapter are coloured paintings few buildings like Buland Darwaza are shown. This visual material corresponds quite a lot with Abdul Fazl’s description of the taswir.

1. This picture is the proper presentation of the things shown in the picture.

2. These express great interest of the Mughal rulers for paintings and architecture.

They made every possible effort to encourage this art and even established royal art room for this purpose.

3. After looking at the given pictures we can say that most proficient artists were available in that age. Their creations could be kept in front of great creations of European artists who achieved popularity in whole of the world.

4. Abul Fazl described painting as a magical art and these pictures look like that they had the power to make inanimate objects look as if they possessed life.