The rate of the chemical reaction doubles for an increase of 10K in absolute temperature from 298K. Calculate Ea.


Initial temperature, T1 = 298 K

Final temperature, T2 = 298 K + 10 K = 308 K

Knowing that the rate constant of a chemical reaction normally increases with increase in temperature, we assume that,

Initial value of rate constant, k1 = k

Final value of rate constant, k2 = 2k

Using Arrhenius equation,

Equation 1

where, R = 8.314 J K-1 mol-1 (gas constant).

Substituting all the values in equation 1, we get,

log 2 =

Ea =

Ea =

Ea = 52897 J mol-1

Ea = 52.897 kJ mol-1

The energy of activation, Ea is 52.897 kJ mol-1