The decomposition of dimethyl ether leads to formation of CH4, H2 and CO and the reaction rate is given by,

Rate = k[CH3OCH3]3/2. The rate of reaction is followed by an increase in pressure in a closed vessel, so the rate can also be expressed in terms of the partial pressure of dimethyl ether i.e. Rate = k[pCH3OCH3]3/2. If the pressure is measured in bar and time in minutes, then what are the units of rate and rate constants?

Rate of given chemical reaction will be represented as


Hence units of rate is bar min-1

To find units of K, K = rate/[pCH3OCH3]3/2

The unit of k = bar -1/2min-1.

Units of Rate- bar min-1. and Units of Rate constant K : bar -1/2min -1