Chemistry Part-I

Book: Chemistry Part-I

Chapter: 9. Coordination Compounds

Subject: Chemistry - Class 12th

Q. No. 17 of Exercises

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What is spectrochemical series? Explain the difference between a weak field ligand and a strong field ligand.

The strong ligands have higher splitting power of d orbitals of the central metal ion, whereas weak ligand has relatively lower splitting power of d orbitals of the central metal ion. The energy difference between t2g and eg sets of d orbitals is CFSE. The strength of the ligands depend on the magnitude of Δ . Strong ligands have larger value of CFSE and in case of weak ligands the CFSE values are smaller. The common ligands can be arranged in a series in the order of their decreasing field strength, as follows.

I_<Br -< SCN-< Cl-< F-< OH-< C2O42-< H2O< NCS-< py< NH3< en< bipy< o-phen< NO2-< CN-< CO.

This series depends on the power of splitting the d orbitals and is called spectrochemical series, The order of field strength of the common ligands neither depends on the geometry of the complex the nature of central metal ion.


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