The area of a circle is 98.56 cm2. Find its circumference.

In order to solve such type of questions we basically need to find the radius of the give circle and simply use it to find the are circumference or perimeter of the given circle.

Given the area of the circle = 98.56 cm2

And we also know, Area of the circle = πr2

Therefore, πr2 = 98.56

(put value of π = 22/7)

On rearranging we get,

r = √31.36

r = 5.6 cm

So, the radius of the circle = 5.6 cm

And we know, Perimeter of circle = 2πr

(put value of r)

Circumference or Perimeter of circle = 2π(5.6)

= 35.2 cm

The circumference or perimeter of the circle is 35.2 cm